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our philosophy


If life is a highway we can all agree that some people make the road trip way more interesting....


Salty Boyz begins delivering new American "cruise ine" for the first time in the spring of 2019 but its more than a food truck its a celebration of friendship and a melting pot of innovative food ideas.


This boxy moveable feast is a collaboration between two chef's who have worked together for over ten years -creating fabulous food in their brick and mortar restaurants- ranging from fine dining to fast casual.  Through economic booms and busts, the journey seems a bit more like a hop on hop off tram then a single destination trip.  Through it all, they saw in each other a kindred spirit and a shared philosophy.


strive to be better- better food, better customer service, better sustainability


so track down our flavors outside the box, fill up and enjoy the ride!



Florin & Warren


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